Insect Sex Pheromone

    Insect sex pheromone as a chemical communication tool during the reproductive stage between allogeneous insects. The high complexity and specificity of its chemical structure is an important guarantee for reproductive isolation between insect species. Therefore, sex pheromones between different insects cannot The replacement will not cause confusion, which has great practical value in the regional investigation of insects, plant quarantine, and trap control.

In nature, adult females will release a compound called sex pheromone after sexual maturity. It is released into the air and diffuses with the airflow. It stimulates the chemosensory organs in the male antennae, causing male sexual impulses and lures. The male flies to the release source and mate with the female adult to reproduce offspring. Therefore, insect sex pheromone products are bionic high-tech products, which release artificial sex pheromone through the core.

Insect sex pheromone is a compound that regulates the attraction of male and female insects. It is sensitive and specific. It has a long distance and strong temptation. The use of this product to attract and kill pests does not contact plants and agricultural products, and there is no concern about pesticide residues. It is one of the first methods for controlling pests in modern agricultural ecology.

Currently the most popular insect sex pheromone varieties are: weevil sex pheromone, Asian corn borer sex pheromone, cotton bollworm sex pheromone, diamondback moth sex pheromone, glutenous sex pheromone, pear horde worm sex pheromone , Codling moth sex pheromone, soybean heartworm sex pheromone, cowpea viburnum sex pheromone, horsetail pine caterpillar pheromone.

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